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As a member of the team which participated in the 1989 raid of Rocky Flats, I've always tried to keep up with the fall-out from our actions.  Special Agent Lipsky was the FBI case agent for the operation.  He is a very honest man, and a dedicated agent.  We knew SA Lipsky had worked closely with the EPA to identify exactly what was needed to document the environmental crimes alleged in the original search warrant.  We also knew he had coordinated the execution of the search warrant so effectively that our efforts would be successful. 

            I learned about this book from a news article which reported FBI Special Agent Jon Lipsky had been prevented from speaking to a group of concerned citizens in Colorado.  Luckily, the article mentioned the book, so I was able to purchase it and read for myself what was going on with the Rocky Flats property.  The facts presented in the book are shocking.  They are well-supported by testimonial, documentary, and physical evidence however, and document crimes so unbelievable that Congress simply must respond. 

Not having been privy to the grand jury part of the case, I never knew the investigation had been torpedoed so early and so completely.  Sadly, I believed what most people did... that the "huge fine" paid by Rockwell International had been a decent resolution brought about by tough negotiations between the government, the Department of Energy, and Rockwell International.  We had no reason to think the government would malign its own witnesses, ignore overwhelming evidence, and push an energetic, hard working, truth-seeking FBI agent "out to pasture" by shutting him out of the investigation as they moved to support a plea agreement which ignored reality.  

A huge thank you is owed to the original grand jury members who fought so hard to force the US Attorney's office to do its job, to Caron Balkany who donated her considerable legal talents to Wes and his effort to expose the truth, and to Jacque Brever for being one of the few people who would "step up to the plate," not once, but twice!  The risks this group took (and continues to take) to document and make public the incredible series of crimes, untruths, and cover-ups relating to the Rocky Flats nuclear facility are truly heroic.  Hopefully, our nation's leaders will recognize their efforts and pursue the evidence documented in this book.

God bless you all.

(Name withheld at the request of author)





As a now retired EPA Special Agent who spent somewhere between two and three months (if recollection serves correctly) assigned temporary duty to assist with the search warrant and conducting interviews after the warrant was served, I have to say that the book itself was very entertaining reading.


It explains a great deal why things were done by the Justice Department during the investigation that several of us could not fathom.  For example, why leads and interviews that were seemingly going somewhere regarding investigative issues we were pursuing at the time were halted without explanation, or with explanations given which did not make sense at the time.


I think that if a few more EPA agents consulted during your undertaking of the investigation, some of us could have provided some insight and direction as to where some of the relevant documentation which you ultimately obtained with great difficulty could have been located quickly with little problem at all.


I came to know Jon Lipsky very well and highly respect him as a person and an agent.  I had to have the book special ordered through the inter-library lending system and it came all the way from St. Louis to get here.  I read it in less than a day.


The book was informative reading.  There's even so much more that could have been said and many leads that should have been investigated to completion, but weren't.  That being said however, now you know the frustration agents live with when Grand Jury investigations uncover information which will never see the light of day due to subsequent plea agreements and the notorious 6(e) Rule.




I worked for the AEC in Middletown, IA in the 60's and 70's until they closed in '74. They then moved to PANTEX in Texas. We are up here fighting the Government for Death Benefits and Health Care, which they are denying us. Out of 207 guards in1974 there are only 78 of us left, 5 are in the hospital dieing as I type. In many of the other departments NO ONE is left. We open burned, and also test shot 8,500 lbs of depleted uranium, which the wind blew out of the plant into Burlington, West Burlington, and Middletown,
IA. We understand what you all are going through because the whole AEC System is the same. If you can ever get to Burlington, IA we have a B. Daltons bookstore at the mall. We will try to keep you posted as to what is happening here from now on. Clean up here is slow and half - assed. We also know our problems have been passed on to our children and grandchildren.



Dear Mr. McKinley and Ms. Balkany,

Thank you for you incredible courage you are both heros.  I am inspired at your inability to never give up as well.  It has really touched me.

A friend recommended the book to me.  Though I was very interested in it, I bought it for my dad for father's day.  I ended up borrowing it
and reading it.  (My question is, does it still count as a gift?)  I couldn't put it down.

9 month ago my uncle died of cancer.  He was born and raised in Denver. He was 50 when he died.  From the time he felt a lump on the back of his tongue to the time he died was 6 months.  His 2 sons are 16 and 18 (still in high school).  He didn't drink or smoke.  The doctors were
very confused by his cancer because it is a cancer common to people who chew tobacco, but he never did.  Then I read the book.  I saw the map on pg. 64.  First I saw how the most polluted air went right over Arvada.  That is where my uncle, his wife and family lived for the past
20 years.  Then I realized how he and one of his son's loved to fish at Standley Lake.  Also mentioned to be polluted.  I showed this to my mom
(who is a nurse) and she dropped her jaw, covered her mouth and then explained that my uncle, being a very obese man, (even though he most likely was predestined to have cancer) would have a very hard time getting rid of pollutants like the kind that may be in the fish and
water in Standley Lake.  Those pollutants would have triggered or caused the cancer to grow.  So that is one way your book touch me.

I was born in Englewood, Colorado.  I will have lived in the Denver Metro Area for 30 years come August 20th and having grown up here I
remember hearing how Rocky Flats was "bad" and that they "polluted" some things, but I HAD NO IDEA!!  I have a son who will be a year and a half next week.  It is my job to protect him.  "In this day and age" that seems to be getting so much more complex.  The boogieman is
getting bigger and bigger.  But I can't thank you enough for letting me know that the boogieman is in my backyard.  I've always known to be
weary of my government.  I think that most people in my generation are wise to the guys upstairs.  I just want it out in the open because
nothing can really be done about it until it is out in the open.  I think that the general public are like the two of you.  Smart, level
headed people who know that you don't spray plutonium on the ground and then invite children over to play in it!  Thank you for trying to take
care of our children.  I have already told several people about the book and will continue to spread the word.  What else can we do?  Thank
you again for your courage.  You have changed my life. 


Jon Lipsky's courage is remarkable as well.  I don't know how he has endured all these years.  I have very, very little trust of people in law
enforcement either and it is so nice to know that there are honorable people out there like him.  I am so sorry for the pain that he has
endured all these years.  I will continue to pray for your health, and safety.



I caught the book review recently on CSPAN II and was very interested in your story. I live in El Paso, TX and am interested to know, among other things, the exact location of Rocky Flats and whether or not snow melt from that area feeds into the water shed going into Elephant Butte dam and then down on to us.

We are depending more and more on river water as a source of drinking water (cleaned up of course) here in El Paso. And New Mexico, as well as Texas uses this water for all sorts of edible crops, not just cotton….I am now concerned if we are getting a heaping helping of plutonium in our water and crops. Please email me the information on location if you can. Frankly nothing the government does surprises me. Just look at the mess we call Superfund.



We just want to thank you for the interview and for your time. We also want to thank you for putting so much effort into closing Rocky Flats. You REALLY made a difference. We hope that we will also make a difference and make sure our opposition to the National Wildlife Refuge is heard. Thanks again. It was an honor to talk to you.



Thank you for this book and the amazing courage and fortitude it must have taken to pursue this publication. For once I was glad that I could not sleep at 2:30 am and had the opportunity to view your book review on television CSPAN II. My name is Bonnie and my husband and I just found out about 2 weeks ago that our home has been determined as contaminated with TCE – trichloroethylene – from dumping from above. We live on the border of an Air Force Base and during the 30s-60s this base dumped barrels and barrels of toxic chemicals on the ground above us – chemicals they used to clean jet engine parts. We have lived in this home for 34 years and we have no idea how long this contamination has been under us and affecting our health – we had six children who may also have suffered exposure to these chemicals. We are in the process of getting legal litigation for help. I am heartbroken that my government has done this to my family and our home. We were going to sell our home and build next door to it – something we have looked forward to for years – but now, who in their right mind would buy our home? I can understand some of the pain and frustration you must have gone through. When the gentleman that was on the grand jury said, “Our government must be held accountable for contaminating and polluting their citizens,” – this made tears come to my eyes! If you have any information, encouraging words, or whatever advice for us, please feel free to email me. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done already…a heartbroken mother/grandmother in Utah.



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